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Why save with Gibbons & Reed Credit Union? That’s a personal question. For many it’s our unique understanding of those in the construction industry and their savings and loans needs; for others it’s our just-out-of-reach accounts, making it easy to put your savings on auto-pilot without the ability to check it every second of every day; for you, it may be different. Send in an application to find your reason.

Share-Savings Accounts

As a Granite Construction employee, or family of an existing credit union member, you are invited to start saving with Gibbons & Reed Credit Union.

With your credit union membership not only will you be building low-maintentance cash reserves, but you will also have access to our variety of personalized loan options.

Fill out this account form and send it in with a copy of your government-issued photo i.d. to get started.

Change Existing Account Information

Need to change contact information, or add/change a joint owner or beneficiary on your existing Gibbons & Reed Credit Union account? Fill out this change card, then send it in to make the changes.

To make a name change, please contact the credit union to find out how.

Vacation Accounts

A benefit provided to select Granite Construction employees. The employer-funded accounts are available for withdrawal once every 3 months at no cost to you, the employee. Any additional withdrawal may be made for $25/each.