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We get it. Making a transaction with Gibbons & Reed Credit Union is decidedly low-tech, sometimes inconvenient. For the regular, incoming transactions (like a loan payment or payroll deduction) we can help you set those to auto-pilot so that you never miss a month. For account withdrawals, you will need to call, or send in a form.


To make a share-savings withdrawal, give us a call or fill out this withdrawal request form and send it in.

If you would like to make a vacation account withdrawal, first understand the restrictions, then send the withdrawal request form.

Deposits | Loan Payments

To make a deposit or loan payment, send us a check, money order, or cashier’s check; or stop in to our office.

*FYI: You may be able to set up a regularly-scheduled, automatic deposit through your checking account for free. Call your checking financial institution for instructions.

ACH Transfers

Gibbons & Reed Credit Union can now perform ACH transfers to and from your share-savings account. Simply fill out this ACH transfer form to get it started.

*Please note: G&R Credit Union charges a $5 origination fee for all ACH transfer we initiate.

Vacation Accounts

The easiest way to build your savings or make your loan payments, payroll deductions from your employer to your Gibbons & Reed account require zero self-control and only one form (typically).

Granite Construction employees may fill out this payroll deduction form. Members working for other companies simply need to contact their payroll department to find out how.